Smart Safety Features in the 2018 Audi S4

Whether you're attempting to get out of a crowded lot or you've parked on a busy Massapequa street and are ready to explore on foot, the 2018 Audi S4 is designed to keep you, your passengers, and others around you safe. The popular sports sedan is available with a number of advanced safety features.

One available feature is the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system. 

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Performance Features of the Audi SQ5

The Audi SQ5 is a popular addition to the performance SUV class. It offers drivers all the comfort of a high-end luxury vehicle while also performing the tasks expected from a utility vehicle.

The SQ5 has an engine reminiscent of a high performance sedan, from its 354 horsepower to its 369 pounds per foot of torque. 

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The Audi Q5 SUV is Packed with Performance Features

While the popular luxury compact SUV called the Audi Q5 is roomy and broad, it nevertheless performs like a much smaller sports car. To achieve this feat, the Q5 brings a powerful motor, a smart dynamic steering system, and an adaptive suspension design to the table.

The Q5 boasts an available 350-horsepower, V6 motor under the hood. The 6-cylinders work in tandem with twin-scroll turbos that produce plenty of extra torque.

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Audi A7 Technology Features

Luxury and technology are two things that go in hand more than ever before today when it comes to new cars. This is one of the reasons that the Audi A7 is one of the most popular large luxury cars available on the market today.

One innovative feature the Audi A7 offers is its ability to interact with smartphones. 

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Safer Cruising in the Audi A6

When you need an executive sedan to celebrate the achievements of your life, consider the Audi A6. It's beautifully designed exterior features sophisticated lines that emanate from the distinctive Singleframe® grille and available LED headlights. Inside, you can expect available Valcona leather seats with contrast stitching as well as wood trim in gray birch or dark brown walnut.

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Audi A4 Technology Features for 2018

The Audi A4 has all new features in 2018. The technology has fully integrated with the smartphone now to where you can drive completely hands-free and voice-enabled. The Audi smartphone interface now includes options for Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, as well as Audi pre-sense for collision prevention. Rear view cameras with 7-inch center color display are also included in the premium version of the Audi A4.

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Tips for Tire Cleaning

Cleaning your tires might seem like something you don't have to waste your time on but in fact, taking a few extra minutes each time you wash your car can really make a big difference in how your tires look but also what the overall quality of your tires is. You don't want to invest in a new set of tires if you can help it, since they are so expensive. Keep the integrity of your tires intact by doing the following:

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Arrive in Style with the Audi A5

You've arrived and you want a car that makes that statement. The Audi A5 Coupe is one of the most striking luxury coupes on the road and a favorite with Massapequa drivers. The exterior of this luxury coupe is everything you want, starting with the grille that features sculpted horizontal lines.

The high-end exterior design doesn't stop there as you'll also get 18-inch, 10-spoke-dynamic design wheels with 245/4093H all-season tires and LED taillights with dynamic turn signals.

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Air Filtration Services to Keep Passengers and Engine Humming

There are two critical filters in every vehicle that keep the air flowing efficiently and effectively. These filters must be changed at regular intervals to ensure that both the passengers and the engine receive air free of harmful contaminants.

The passenger cabin filter assists in the vital removal of dust, mold spores, pollen, and other harmful air particles so that the interior air quality of your vehicle remains free of toxins. 

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