There are steps that you need to follow in order to change a flat tire. It is important to change the tire on a safe spot that is flat and solid. Once you find a spot, make sure to put on your emergency brake. Placing a rock under the tire opposite the one that is being worked on provides extra support.

Knowing where your tools are located in the car is important, but also taking the time for a test run with them before something actually happens is also very helpful. Next, take the hubcap off and then loosen the lug nuts just a little bit. Use the jack to raise your car at least six inches. Make sure to look at the manual to find out the best place to actually place the jack. Now it is time to take off the lug nuts and then the wheel.

Remove the flat tire using both hands. Put the spare in its place by making sure it is aligned correctly. Then you can go ahead and put the lug nuts on and tighten them with a wrench. Lower the car and remove all the things around it that helped it to stay secure. Now you are good to go.

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