Some Useful Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Our team at Audi Massapequa serving Massapequa, NY shoppers wants to help you stay safe when you're behind the wheel this winter. If you follow these tips, it can help you stay safe in snowy and icy driving conditions.

It's best to stay home when the winter weather sets in, but if you need to drive, then be sure that you go slowly. You should also increase your following distance from the car ahead. Try to keep at least a half a tank of gas in your vehicle during the winter. You can also keep a cold-weather kit that includes food, water, blankets, medical supplies, and other useful items.

If you're planning a long trip during the winter, be sure to let someone know when you're expected to arrive, and check the weather forecast before you leave. If you get stuck in the snow, stay with your vehicle, and be sure not to overexert yourself trying to get your vehicle out of the snow.

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