The Audi Massapequa team of Massapequa, NY knows that the Audi Q7 is a popular mid-sized SUV for many reasons. As one of the most popular reasons for choosing Audi, performance is an area in which the Q7 certainly delivers in. Indeed, performance is one of the biggest factors in customers' decisions to choose Audi, as well as the Q7 in particular.

All-wheel Steering

Safety is a cornerstone of the Audi experience, from beginning to end. To ensure that safety is upheld at all times, the Q7 comes well equipped with an all-wheel steering package that creates a tight turning radius and precision maneuverability at any speed. This puts the driver in control in virtually every situation, whether it be ice, sleet, rain, snow gravel or beyond.

Towing Package

Often times there is a misconception about how much towing capacity midsize SUVs have. Most can tow in the range of 3,000 pounds up to 5,000 or 5,500 if lucky. The Audi Q7 3.0T has an unprecedented 7,700-pound towing capacity which rivals much larger trucks and SUVs of the same price range! All models come factory equipped with brake controller wiring and a trailer hitch receiver to effortlessly tow any RV, boat, jet ski or other vehicles.

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