Your vehicle's lighting system plays an important role in its overall safety and style. The new Audi A4 Allroad is available with innovative lights that can help you drive confidently in any lighting condition. We here at Audi Massapequa in Massapequa, NY are very excited to show you what this luxury wagon is capable of.

The A4 Allroad is available with stunning LED headlights. The LED technology illuminates more of the road ahead yet consumes less power. LED light strips surround the main headlamp bulbs to create a striking appearance during the daytime. These headlights also come with dynamic range adjustments. The angle of the lights can change based on the movements of the wagon for better visibility.

On the back of the wagon, LED taillights are used. They take on an angular shape that seamlessly blends in with the tailgate door. The lights are dynamic, ensuring that you're seen by other drivers behind you.

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