Steering and Performing With the Audi SQ5

One very important part of driving is steering. When looking for a vehicle at Audi Massapequa, you can be confident that you are going to find a vehicle with a great steering system. One of the vehicles that we feature prominently is the 2019 Audi SQ5 which will bring you great steering power.

One reason that we talk so much about the steering of the SQ5 is the dynamic steering feature. The steering ratio of the vehicle is adjusted with the available dynamic steering feature according to the speed of the vehicle. This brings improvement to the steering experience as you drive around.

Another good thing about the Audi SQ5 is that it has a lightweight suspension. This allows the vehicle to be more agile on the road. With the engaging ride, you are going to be proud of what your Audi SQ5 can do for you and the passengers.

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