Keep Your Windshield Clear with Winter Wipers

Winter throws more at our windshields than any other season in cold climates, as any service center will tell you. It's the season the most windshield cleaner fluid is used. It's a good time to inspect your vehicle's wipers and consider changing them with winter wipers.

When you inspect your wipers, there are a couple of different problems to watch for. When your windshield is covered in snow and ice, it's important to remove any ice that's on the wiper blades before driving. It prevents the blades from making contact with the windshield. Another problem is cracked or torn blades.

Winter wipers are a newer style of wiper blades that works better in winter weather called beam-type blades. They are designed with a sleeker profile to minimize the amount of snow and ice that can clog up wipers, and they are more aerodynamic than traditional wipers.

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