Tips for Detailing Car Interiors

Proper detailing can keep a car looking and feeling like new. If you want to take pride in the vehicle that you drive around Massapequa, NY, Audi Massapequa can give you advice on how to care for the interior of your car or truck.

There are many parts of the interior of your vehicle that can be hard to reach. Don't be afraid to move seats around to make it easier to get underneath them. To get into the space between the front seats and the console, use a spoke brush with a towel wrapped around it. Don't forget about the storage compartments found under the floors of many modern vehicles.

For dirty carpets, use a hot water extractor to perform a deep cleaning. This technique is especially effective if the carpets have been previously vacuumed. Pet hair can be removed by using a pumice block to loosen it.

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